A Note on the Attacks in Paris

The attacks on civilians in Paris is the act of an organization that's rightfully afraid of looking weak and powerless. ISIS suffered a humiliating defeat in Iraq just hours before, and they are doing what they’ve done all along - targeting the defenseless in an attempt to intimidate. It's the only thing ISIS is genuinely capable of doing. The attacks are not signs of strength, they are admissions of fear - something that's only become more severe for ISIS as they continue getting eviscerated across the Middle East.

The attacks last night were unimaginably cruel, but ISIS does not represent an existential threat to France, or Germany, or the UK, or America, or Kurdistan or any other country no matter how loudly they rant. France will heal and ISIS will continue getting thrashed in Syria and Iraq, and what happened last night will change neither of those.

Paris is a beautiful, eclectic city and my thoughts are with the people of France as they grieve.

Header image of L'Arc de Triomph from Flickr Creative Commons

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